Modules for Voltage Modular

Mini Chord

For when you need simplicity in your life. And maybe a bit of purple.


Mini Chord generates a single 3 note chord, a triad if you want to get technical. It's a simple beast that offers a choice of major or minor chords across 7 octaves. The good news is that you can play about a zillion songs with just major and minor chords. No fancy stuff necessary.


Gate In

Any signal above 2.5V will turn on the output gate.
If nothing is connected then the output gate is constantly on.


Chord and Gate

These two poly outputs work as a pair.
Chord carries the note values and Gate carries the gate signals. You can connect them to a poly synth for a 3 note drone, split them out with the PoMo Spreader module to drive several monophonic sources, or connect them to our Poly Mux module which will allow you to dynamically switch between several Mini Chord modules to generate a chord progression.


Root and Major/Minor

These combine to make the final chord, which is displayed at the bottom of the module.


Selects the octave.

Video Demo

Demonstrating Mini Chord, Poly Mux and PoMo Spreader: