Modules for Voltage Modular

Poly Latch

A simple purple poly latch. When active it holds all the played notes - great for hands-free arpeggios. The perfect partner for Aarpo.


Without the latch engaged this module just passes any input notes and gates to the output. 

With the latch engaged input notes are held after you release the keys and until you press any other keys or disengage the latch. Note that whilst any key is held down Poly Latch will continue to add notes to the current set of notes so, for example, you can create a whole scale by holding down the root note and pressing each of the other keys in the scale one by one.


Pitch and Gate In

A standard poly input pair. 


A standard trigger input. A rising edge on this input toggles the state of the latch. The current state is shown by the Latch button.


Pitch and Gate Out

A standard poly output pair. 


Latch button

This button toggles between latched (red) and unlatched (grey).