Modules for Voltage Modular

Poly To Trigger

An easy way to send purple trigger signals from a poly source or sequencer.


Poly To Trigger generates up to 12 separate trigger signals from a Poly input. The triggers are controlled by 12 consecutive notes (or voltages at 1V/octave) starting with C in the chosen octave.

This module is closely related to the Poly To Gate module.


Pitch and Gate In

A standard Poly input pair.


12x Trigger Outputs

Activated by specific Note On and/or Note Off signals. Each socket has an LED that is briefly lit when the trigger fires. The trigger duration is fixed at 1 millisecond.



Selects the octave that will be monitored.

Note On/Note Off/Both

Selects whether a trigger is sent on a Note On signal, on a Note Off signal or on both signals.